Sunday, 11 January 2009

About time

So, it has been quite a depressingly long time since I last wrote and had things to show. As you will be able to see it's not been because I havn't been working, it's just that these two have taken me such a long time due to their size (both around 140cm tall) and detail. I think these two may have pushed me over the edge, in the sense of taking my patience to the limit. I still do get great pleasure from these long studies and there is still a sense of achievement when they are completed but I have been feeling over recent months a frustration that they are beginning to stifle a much more expressive exploration of my ideas with paint. As these two have drawn to their conclusion I have done a number of quicker, more abstract paintings which have got me excited and I will blog about them in the next few weeks.

Working title of 'Humming Birds' completed after visiting Colorado last summer

'The Letter'