Thursday, 1 October 2009

Self Portrait

Not much to say really.
This was an unexpected reaction to a bad commission experience, I had a sudden urge to
do something for me. Much reflection on my life as a painter ensued after this difficult episode and my first self portrait was the result.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Blood out of a stone

Although it is never hard to motivate myself to paint, one thing that seems to take an increasingly large amount of personal effort is letting people into my world and showing them what I have been doing. As we seem to have arrived at a place online where it is normal for everyone to be telling everyone else what they are doing and thinking at every given moment of each day, I seem to be finding it much harder to type. Here however, is my latest contribution to add to the over saturation.


'The Day the Trees Fell'


Sunday, 11 January 2009

About time

So, it has been quite a depressingly long time since I last wrote and had things to show. As you will be able to see it's not been because I havn't been working, it's just that these two have taken me such a long time due to their size (both around 140cm tall) and detail. I think these two may have pushed me over the edge, in the sense of taking my patience to the limit. I still do get great pleasure from these long studies and there is still a sense of achievement when they are completed but I have been feeling over recent months a frustration that they are beginning to stifle a much more expressive exploration of my ideas with paint. As these two have drawn to their conclusion I have done a number of quicker, more abstract paintings which have got me excited and I will blog about them in the next few weeks.

Working title of 'Humming Birds' completed after visiting Colorado last summer

'The Letter'